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Solid Comix is a small publishing company started by David Walker to create and release projects near and dear to his heart.– limited series and original graphic novels written and co-created by him, and drawn by a host of talented artists  His writing career began in 1996 with the self-published ‘zine BadAzz MoFo. Not did BadAzz MoFo contain his first published comic book stories; it was also his introduction to the comic industry. Let's go full circle together, as he returns to his self-publishing roots with Solid Comix.

DISCOMBOBULATED: The Fine Art of Rumination (a.k.a. The Special Holiday Edition)

Because it is the Holidays (both Hanukkah and Christmas) Solid Comix and BadAzz MoFo proudly present a Special ...
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Writing Comics (and Films): The Story of BLACK SANTA’S REVENGE (a.k.a. Ideas and Stories are Not the Same)

One of my best known creations, Black Santa’s Revenge, started out as a holiday greeting card. For more ...
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Writing Comics: The History of THE ARMY OF DR. MOREAU

Of all the comic book projects I have worked on, The Army of Dr. Moreau has a very ...
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